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Abstract : On February 24, 2022, Russia sold a full-scale war against Ukraine. Successful acquisition of knowledge and mastering the medical profession in wartime in distance format puts new tasks and challenges to modern students, so the study of the impact of multicomponent stress on medical education applicants, as well as psychological factors and mechanisms that will help to overcome is extremely relevant in nature-combined stress. The study was attended by 106 students of the I-III courses of Poltava State Medical University. Analysis of the study results conducted using the technique of diagnostics of stress resistance and social adaptation by Holmes and Rage, revealed a low level of stress resistance in 36.7±0.3% and the marginal level of stress resistance is 47.2±0.3%. As a research result, a low and marginal stress resistance level were found in the vast students` majority of advanced medical education, which reflected the extremely negative impact of multicomponent stress on the success of studies in general, and the physical and psychological well-being of students. Students with a low degree of stress resistance demonstrated a high degree of stress load, therefore they belong to the risk group of developing psychosomatic disorders and adaptation disorders, they need psychological support in order to optimize the psychological resources of the individual to successfully cope with the stress state, minimize its negative impact, form sustainable ways of protective behavior and overcoming , which in turn will be a guarantee of preserving the health of future health care system employees.