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Abstract : Cervical cancer is in third place in ranking after endometrium and ovarian cancer. It occurs after a long preinvasive period. The importance of early diagnosis matters, so it can be treated. These cases requires routine gynecological follow-ups. makes. In our study, patients with mild cytological disorder as a result of pap smear (ASCUS and LSIL), we grouped and evaluated the patients according to age. We tried to determine that mild dysplasias in what age groups require less invasive procedures. For this purpose, patients with mild smear disorder who applied to our hospital were recommended to do colposcopy. We examined the patients. We detected 11% of 446 patients with CIN2 and above lesions. Disorder above CIN2 was more common in the patient group under 30 years of age (17.9%). Our study showed that ASCUS should be carefully examined in young patients, also.