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Abstract : Rosuvastatin is a lipid-lowering drug; it is more potent than atorvastatin and simvastatin among both Caucasian and East Asian patients with dyslipidemias [2]. However, the drug is not free from side effects, especially when combined with other medications or specific food. The side effects ranged from mild itching, dizziness, and oral ulcers to hepatitis and fatal rhabdomyolysis. We presented an a60-year old male with type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia for 18 years, his medications were metformin 2 grams/day, gliclazide MR 60mg daily, Sitagliptin 100mg once daily, and atorvastatin 20mg at bedtime. Due to the filling delay, the patient took two doses of rosuvastatin 20mg in place of atorvastatin. In addition, he took sildenafil 50mg. twelve hours later the patient developed severe pruritus, dizziness, headache, and myalgia. All the symptoms improved after rosuvastatin was stopped, the pruritus resolved completely after two weeks, and mild myalgia persists.