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Abstract : We performed a prospective study to evaluate the possible effect of smoking on oxidative stress subsequently on kidney working. This study included a smoker and nonsmoker cohort of 140 healthy men, all volunteers subjects aged 25 to 45 years free renal disease and another disease, with 65 of them being nonsmokers and the other being cigarette smokers. Blood specimen was collected to estimate serum uric acid and creatinine levels. There was a significant decrease in uric acid while there was a non-significant difference in creatinine level in the smoker group compared with nonsmoker between the two groups. Both creatinine and uric acid concentration were affected by the duration of smoking compared with the control group. Smoking leads to decrease uric acid, which acts as a valuable antioxidant against oxidative stress, but creatinine levels were independently associated with smokers compared with nonsmoker males.