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Abstract : Obesity in women is associated with the incidence of prediabetes. This literature review aims to provide an overview of new findings on managing obesity in women to avoid prediabetes. Narrative analysis in this study used Pubmed, Elsevier and Google Scholar databases. The keywords were 'obesity management in women', 'management of prediabetes', 'women and obesity', 'women with obesity and prediabetes', 'lifestyle', 'prediabetes control' (physical activity, diet, acupressure, family support). Among 93 studies identified in the literature search, 17 articles were eligible for inclusion in this paper. Related articles were collected from 2011 to 2021. This review identified that obese women with prediabetes were encouraged to change their lifestyles, such as performing physical activity, changing diet patterns, and getting support from families in order to reduce fasting glucose levels. Ear acupressure and exercises also play an essential role in the effectiveness, program accuracy, economic value in losing weight in women with primary obesity. Such activities also can be done independently by patients where necessary. Raising awareness and appropriate management are necessary to prevent diabetes among obese women. Further studies may be needed to examine the effectiveness of complex interventions that may be performed over a period.