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Abstract : Maternal satisfaction considers one of the most common measurements to report the outcome for the quality of care and must increase to enhance the efficiency and quality of care during the periods of antenatal, natal, and postnatal to give high-quality care services to the maternal. To assess women's satisfaction to the obstetric care services in maternity hospitals in most areas of care such as Labor unit, Maternity unit. A descriptive design that is adequately constructed to measure women's satisfaction with obstetric care. A non-probability (purposive) sample of (50) women attending government hospitals served as the study's main data collection method. The questionnaire included two main parts. (demographic information, and Satisfaction scale concerning obstetric care service). Most of the study sample (46%) were in age 26 – 30 years, and (26 %) were in the age group (20 – 25). years that 42% of the study sample were graduated from primary school, 38% were graduated from not writing and read and 14% were graduated from college and institution that most of the items with a high mean score in satisfying related to ward services and that the majority of items had an increased mean score in satisfying general services. The highest percentage of the study samples forty-six percent in age young group, we're living in the rural study sample were graduated from primary school, Findings demonstrated that the majority of items had high mean scores in satisfying related to delivery services also the majority of the women were found to be highly satisfied with the services received in maternity. The study's researcher advises enhancing nurses' practice when doing procedures by enrolling them in training courses. Increase the number of nurses working in hospitals to provide equal care for all hospitalized women and to reduce the likelihood of complications. Insist on the necessity of the Ministry of Health imposing sanctions against the nurse in the event that she accepts payment or employs abusive language.