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Abstract : Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), also known as Stein-Leventhal syndrome, is a diverse endocrine disorder that affects many women around the world who are of reproductive age. Prior to menopause, around one in ten women develop PCOS and associated problems. Examine the impact of Mabilisjalapa root extract on biochemical markers (Adiponectin and serum blood glucose), hormones (FSH, LH, testosterone, and estrogen), and induced polycystic ovarian syndrome in rats. Also compare the impact of Mabilisjalapa root extract with that of metformin. Female rats were treated for 21 days with 0.4 mL of oral letrozole (5.3 mg/kg) before receiving a dose of Metformin (500 mg/kg) for the first group, a high dose of Mabilisjalapa (600 mg/kg) for the second group, a low dose of Mabilisjalapa (400 mg/kg), and a combination of (300 mg/kg) from Mabilisjalapa and (250 mg/kg) from metformin. Compared to the induction group, the Mabilisjalapa treated group had reduced levels of glucose, testosterone, and LH, but higher levels of adiponectin, estradiol, and FSH. In comparison to metformin, Mabilis Jalapa treatment groups reported greater outcomes in the improvement of PCOS symptoms in female rats.