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Abstract : The study was aimed at investigating the weight changes in hypothyroid obese mice upon the administration of Momordica Charantia Aqueous Extract and to study the corresponding histopathological changes in the liver tissues. Hypothyroidism is marked by increased levels of thyroid stimulating hormone and decreased levels of T3 and T4. Hypothyroidism reduces the basal metabolic rate leading to slowed down metabolism, which in turn leads to weight gain resulting in hypothyroid obesity. Alteration in mice body weights were recorded after administering them Methimazole (0.025% hypothyroid inducing drug) for 21 days, then for the next 21 days, group 3 was administered standard drug (Thyroxine), and group 4 was administered Momordica Charantia Aqueous Extract and rest both the groups were administered normal food and water. Mice were weighed at the starting of the experiment and reweighed every 7th day and water and food intake was observed. At the end of the experiment the weight changes on final day were analyzed by comparing with the initial day and these were recorded to be significant and p*˂0.01 in the test mice. Mice livers were dissected out at the end of the experiment and histopathological studies were done on them to record their hypothyroid obesity linked changes. The weight gain in the hypothyroid mice was reversed significantly and the histological studies revealed the appearance of fatty vacuoles throughout the liver in the disease group; it was observed that Momordica Charantia Aqueous Extract was able to reverse these changes successfully to a great extent.