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Abstract : The purpose of the study, Based on case history analysis, is to create a retrospective study of the mortality rate of hip fracture patients with concurrent COVID-19 infection in Iraq. From (2-9-2019 to 15-9-2020) in the emergency section of musculoskeletal injuries, several different hospitals where 80 patients were collected, divided into two groups according to the type of PCR smear (negative 60 patients) (positive 20 patients). A significant increase in the mortality rate for hip fractures (RNFC) was observed in the patient group compared to the Covid group, as the 30-day mortality rate for three patients with 15%, the mortality rate for hip fractures 30-120 days for four patients' group (20%), the Mortality at 120 days for three patients with 15%, control group 6 (10%). In this study, a significantly higher 30-120 day in-hospital mortality was found in patients with HF and SARS-CoV-2, compared to COVID-Nineteen patients (-). Pneumonia was the main direct cause of death among patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. in a multivariate analysis.