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Abstract : The influence of globalization has caused modern era people to consume more fast food in the form of fried foods such as mendoan to save time and increase efficiency in working in the midst of increasingly rapid world development, but consumption of foods with high saturated oil content has a correlation with the incidence of metabolic syndrome so this study aims to examine the relationship between the frequency of mendoan consumption with the HbA1c profile in people of age 40-75 years. The design of this study was cross-sectional. Data collection was conducted through interviews at the Endocrine and Metabolic Poly. Data collected in the form of identity, type of food consumed from interviews nutritional intake of respondents measured using Food Frequency Questionaire (FFQ), and HbA1c levels. There were 186 respondents with an age range of 40-75 years. The majority of respondents consumed mendoan at least 1x in 1 month, which is as many as 180 people (96.8%), the remaining 6 people (3.2%) consume mendoan <1x / month. The results of the Statistical Test showed that most respondents who consumed mendoan >1x / month had a 3.93x greater risk of having higher HbA1C levels (PR 3.93). The chi-square test showed that there was a significant relationship between mendoan consumption and the HbA1c profile (p value 0.031).