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Abstract : Anaemia is a common and important comorbidity in patients with chronic heart failure as demonstrated in some studies and is associated with poor outcomes, it is complex and multifactorial. To review some hematological parameters in relation to state of heart failure in term of echocardiographic parameters. A cross sectional hospital based study was to be performed during the period from 15th of February 2019 to 15th of December 2019 enrolling patients admitted to the medical ward, C.C.U. and emergency department at Al-Immamain Al-Kadhimein hospital. For each patient, Demographic information, Clinical information, complete blood count, ECHO study and iron profile in anaemic patients were performed. The mean age of study sample [62.04±11.35] years for anaemic and [62.52±11.90] years for non anaemic patients, female comprises (56.3%) of them, 30% of patients are anaemic, there is no significant statistical association between the anaemic and non anaemic HF patients concerning echocardiographic parameters including LVIDd (P value 0.179), LVIDs (p value 0.605) LA diameter (p value 0.990), septal wall thickness (p value 0.419), as well as aortic root diameter (P value 0.560), also there is no significant statistical relation between EF in anaemic and not anaemic heart failure patients in the current study (P value = 0.644). It couldn’t prove from this study that there is any statistical significant evidence for the effect of anaemia on cardiac chambers geometry or size in patients with heart failure.