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Abstract : High blood pressure is one of the main chronic diseases that can cause many other diseases of the cardiovascular system and eventually lead to death. The level of vitamin D in the body affects blood pressure indirectly. This study aims to know the type of Relationship between vitamin D deficiency and blood pressure in Iraqi patients. In this study, 220 patients were collected, and they were divided into two groups that, which included (130 patient groups were distributed into 70 males and 60 females) (90 control groups were distributed as follows: 50 male patients and 40 females). Demographic information and data were collected from different hospitals in Iraq, where the hospital's electronic record was relied upon to follow up patients with during the study period from 3-7-2020 to 1-10-2020. In this study, 220 patients were included, and they were distributed into two groups (130 patient groups) (and 90 control groups), and the average age for this study ranged between 22-40 years. Mean sd for vitamin D was 22.2 + 15.5 of male and female patients; the mean sd was 23.4 + 14.4. and found a statistically significant relationship at <0.001*. We found the patients who took vitamin D did not have a significant decrease in blood pressure and an inverse relationship between vitamin D deficiency and high blood pressure.