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Abstract : RER test is a simple, non-invasive method which can be easily done by pediatricians during neonatal clinical examination and in infants and children. Finding consistent with abnormal reflexes will point in direction of ocular pathologies. These pathologies can have severe effect on patient’s vision, cognitive function and morbidity. There are many causes of preventable blindness in childhood such as congenital cataract, High refractive error, Strabismus, Congenital glaucoma retinal abnormalities like retinoblastoma, Retinopathy of prematurity. For all the above-mentioned ocular abnormalities Red Eye Reflex test plays key screening tool for their early screening and prevention of disease progression with high sensitivity. In all neonatal and pediatric departments there is a need for implementation of RRT. Proper education of pediatricians is needed in this field for prompt screeing of neonates and infants, in accordance to the current guidelines.