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Abstract :

The aim of this study was to evaluate the frequency of urinary tract infections (UTI) in boys with hypospadias pre- peri- and post-operatively in order to determine whether antibiotic prophylaxis for UTI is warranted when they undergo a reconstructive surgery for hypospadias. Included in the study group were 174boys undergoing reconstructions for hypospadias. The control group comprised 204 boys operated on for an inguinal hernia. The main outcome measure was the documented finding of a urinary tract infection verified by a positive bacteria culture. The results revealed a significant difference in the findings of a positive urinary culture between the boys undergoing hypospadias surgery, 7.5%, and those operated on for an inguinal hernia, 1.5%, (p=0.0044). The difference between the groups was not significant in the preand peri-operative periods. A higher incidence of infections was noted in boys who had other congenital malformations in addition to hypospadias (P=0.02). Thus, the boys with hypospadias are more likely to incur a urinary tract infection. Since the results did not show a higher incidence of symptomatic urinary tract infections shortly after the surgery, it may not be advantageous to administer prophylactic antibiotics to decrease the number of urinary tract infections. However, comparison of subgroups consisting of the hypospadias without and with prophylactic antibiotics remains to be conducted.