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Abstract : To evaluate and compare the radiopacity of zinc oxide eucalyptus as compared with zinc oxide eugenol as root canal filling materials for deciduous teeth. Acrylic plate like an arch was constructed, each one was 5 mm thickness, 2.2 cm broad, and 4.5 cm long, with 8 holes of 1 mm internal diameter. One of the tested materials was inserted into each hole. Then projected to digital x-ray device and then the opacity was calculated by Photoshop©. 10 acrylic plates were made to have 40 samples of each material Groups were made by filling zinc oxide eugenol in 4 perforations in the right and the other 4 perforations was filled by zinc oxide eucalyptus on the left side. The data indicated that the mean value of radiopacity of Zinc Oxide Eugenol groups (8.62±2.20) and Zinc Oxide Eucalyptus (4.55±3.49) are both acceptable endodontic materials from the radiopacity point of view. Additionally, Zinc Oxide Eugenol had significantly higher radiopacity than Zinc Oxide Eucalyptus. Zinc oxide eucalyptus has an acceptable radiopacity as a root canal filling material for primary teeth. Furthermore, zinc oxide eugenol is more radiopaque than zinc oxide eucalyptus.