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Abstract : This study aims to compare the bioavailability of Lafsefik Dry Syrup (Lafsefik DS) containing 100 mg/5 ml cefixime with Suprax Oral Suspension (Suprax OS). The bioequivalence test was carried out with a cross-sectional study design with two stages, a randomized, crossover, two-way, double-blind, single-dose control, with pharmacokinetic parameters including AUC 0-t, Cmax, Tmax T1/2, which included 21 male and female healthy adult individuals under fasting conditions. Blood plasma levels were measured using ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC–MS/MS). The comparative dissolution test of the Lafsefik DS test drug product was 28.82% at pH 1.2, 62.99% at pH 4.5, and 69.90% at pH 6.8, as indicated by the F2 value. The F2 value was <50% with Suprax OS at pH 1.2 and >50% at pH 4.5 and pH 6.8. The results of the bioequivalence test showed AUC0-32= 22.857±7.639 ng ml-1 hour, AUC0-inf = 23.440±7.720 ng mL-1.hour, Cmax = 2.695± 858 ng mL-1, Tmax= 4.05 ±0.79 hours, and T½= 3.98 ± 0.38 hours. The values of the Suprax OS were AUC0-32 = 21.496±5.849 ng mL-1.hour, AUC0-inf = 22.032±5.863 ng mL-1hour, Cmax = 2.561±554 ng mL-1, Tmax = 4.19 ±0.84 hours, and T½ = 4.02 ±0.51 hours. The geometric mean ratio of test drug to innovator drug (90% CI) showed bioequivalence with values of AUC0-32= 104.71% (98.13-111.23), Cmax= 102.61% (95.79-109.61), CV intrasubject of AUC0-32= 11.70%, and Cmax = 11.31%. The Lafsefik DS test drug product shows a similarity of an F2 value >50% and is bioequivalent.