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Abstract : Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic metabolic disease, of which its prevalence remains increased worldwide. So far, the focus of research in several countries is only on DM patients who have experienced diabetic foot ulcers without paying attention or seeing the condition of pre-ulcerss. If pre-ulcers can be controlled from the start, it will improve the condition of DM patients so that the quality of life will also be better. This study aimed to examine factors associated with the quality of life in diabetic patients with pre- ulcers condition. This study was cross-sectional conducted in Takalar regency, Indonesia. Data collection using Questionnaire WHOQOL-BREF is a summary of the World Health Organization Quality Of Life (WHOQOL) which consists of 26 questions. A total of 33 respondents were selected using an accidental sampling method. Data analysis was carried out using the chi-square test with a significant degree of p<0.05. The results showed a relationship between occupational status and the quality of life (ρ=0.049). Similarly, there was a significant association of environment (ρ=0.033) and service quality (ρ=0.017) with the quality of life. There is a relationship between work, environment, and quality of service with quality of life in patients with diabetes mellitus with pre-ulcers in Takalar regency.