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Abstract : Determine the quality assurance of maternal and child care services at Al-Tale'a Primary Health Care Center in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate, and identify the demographic characteristics of the study sample. A descriptive study was conducted for the period from 1/6/2021 to 3/9/2021 for a simple random sample of (50) respondents selected through the use of probable sampling methods. This sample included providers of maternal and child care services. Data were collected using the Quality Assurance Tool approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The data were collected through the use of questionnaire and interview techniques as a means of collecting data and records kept in all available references that facilitate access to information related to the study sample. The interviews were conducted with the employees of Al-Tali'ah primary health care centers, each interview lasted from (5-10) minutes. The data collection process began from July 1 to August 1, 2021. The data was analyzed through the application of descriptive statistical analysis procedures. The results of the study found that the rate of individuals included in the service for each primary health care center, the lack of medical staff and medical and administrative assistants in addition to the poor distribution of nursing staff and medical and administrative assistants, weak infrastructure of health centers, mother and child care services, including family planning services and health education services at a critical level. The study recommended increasing the number of primary health care center according to the number of beneficiaries in the geographical area, cooperation and coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education and educational institutions to develop an organized plan to provide primary health care center with their needs from the manpower, providing the centers with scientific manuals about the standards of operations management and job description in All fields of services provided.