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Abstract : Adherence to protective measures reluctance and unwilling were a key impediment in obtaining protection and population immunity against coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19). The purpose of this research is to determine level of compliance toward covid 19 protective measures. Medical students from Al-Kindy College of Medicine/ Iraq participated in a cross-sectional research. In the year 2021, 1093 premeds were polled using a Google Forms questionnaire. A total of 1093 adults participated in this study. The majority were females 62.6% while males were 38.4%. The mean age of participants is 19.64±2.1 yrs. 37% of participants have stated that they wear mask always, while 59% wear it sometimes and 4 % never wear mask. Females were more adherent to wearing masks with a high statistical significance at p=0.001. First stage is more adherent to wearing masks as compared to second and third stage with high statistical significance at p<0.001. 22.2% of participants stated that they wear gloves always. There was no statistical significance between genders. However, there was significant difference in terms of residence which showing that Baghdad residents are more compliant with wearing gloves at p=0.002. Moreover, there was a statistical significance in wearing gloves between different stages in which the second stage is more compliant at p=0.18. Using antiseptics is not common as only 17% pf participants have stated that they use it always. Females were more compliant compared to males with high statistical significance at p=0.001. In terms of face shield using, most of them never used it (84% of participants). No statistical significance as noted regarding gender, residence or stage parameters. Nearly half of participants have taken covid -19 vaccine before getting infected (48%). Getting infected had no triggering effect to take vaccine that the percentage was only 46%. The information gathered will aid in identifying potential issues that must be addressed to achieve sufficient compliance among medical students.