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Abstract : One of the biggest health issues facing modern civilization is smoking. Over 1.3 billion people are believed to smoke cigarettes today, which indicates that a third of adults over the age of 15 worldwide smoke. The prevalence of smoking is increasing in the developing world, although many countries track this trend poorly. Iraq has not seen many studies on smoking. To evaluate the prevalence of smoking, attitude and knowledge among medical student in Al-Qadisiyah university in Iraq. This cross-sectional study was performed in 2022 among a convenient sample of 168 undergraduate students from a medical college in the capital of Iraq. Data were gathered by means of a self-administered questionnaire, Statistical evaluation included the Chi-square test and logistic regression models. Despite the good information regarding the side effects of smoking and how it causes heart and respiratory diseases and many others, a large number of medical students still practice smoking under the pretext of reducing exam pressure and feeling pleasure. In 168 student sample intake about 15%of them current smoker and 3,6% are ex-smoker.