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Abstract : Breast cancer (CA breast) is most common cancer in women globally. It accounts for 23 percent of cancer cases worldwide. To evaluate demographics and incidence of breast cancer in Iraqi women undergoing obstetric care at Al-Elwiya Maternity Teaching Hospital. A prospective observational research done in Breast clinic at Al-Elwiya Maternity Teaching Hospital between January 1, 2021 and January 1, 2022. Patients were women who came with a breast mass for whom a core needle biopsy revealed breast cancer. Exclusion criteria were benign breast tumors. Study extended over one-year period with total cases presented to breast clinic 3433 case, 67 cases had malignant breast cancer rate 1.95% in 2021. Mean age was 47.7±10.34 years ranged (24-75) years. Twelve cases (17.9%) were asymptomatic and diagnosed in screening visit, while 38.8% of cases had history of more than 1 year of breast complain before diagnosis. In regard to imaging, 83.3% presented with BIRAD 4 according to ultrasound, while depending on mammography 65.1% were BIRAD 4. With an expected 2.3 million new cases in 2020, accounting for 11.7% of all cancer cases, female breast cancer has now overtaken lung cancer worldwide. With 685,000 fatalities, it is sixth largest cause of cancer mortality globally. Incidence of breast cancer is increasing. Predominant breast cancer presentation in baghdad was mass. Our screening program should be made more exhaustive. Medical education regarding value of early breast cancer screening for women aged 45 to 55 (most prevalent age of presentation).