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Abstract : The study concern with the ability of azo dye(C29H31N6O2Cl),2- (Metoclopramideazo) 4,5-diphenylimidazole (MADI) for forming complex with Cd(II), The optimum conditions for forming stable azo dye- complex was studied like pH effect, time effect and sequence of addition of reagents, Spectral studies of the complex from calibration curve of complex, Sandell sensitivity 4.92× 10-3 µg .cm-2, Detection limit 0.00127 µg ml-1, Standard devation 0.00193, Correlation coefficient 0.9942 molar absorbitivity 2.2817 ×104 L.mol-1.cm-1, specific absorbtivity 0.203 ml.g-1.cm-1. Obeying of Beer's law region was determined for complex (0.5-4) ppm. The study of effect the interference of some important ions. The stiochiometry of formed complex was studied by using molar ratios method, Continuous variation method. The results show the dye (MADI) forms (1:2) (metal : Ligand ) complex with metal studied, also this complex had been characterized by (UV-Visible), (FT-IR) according to the different of shift, relativity abundance of same active groups bundle complex comparison with privately dyes, the azo group (-N=N-) and (C=N) groups.