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Abstract : The urgent need to use social media not limited by time and place has become unstoppable among teenagers in rural areas. Wise management in social media can prevent adolescents from being trapped in maladaptive behavior to trigger dependency conditions. Initial studies on adolescents' use of social media in rural areas are essential to avoid the misuse of social media. This study aims to analyze adolescents' use of social media in rural areas. The involvement of 198 adolescents in the study came from six junior high schools located in rural areas. The study was found in six schools in the rural area of South Sumatra province and used a cross-sectional method. The determination sample was based on a purposive sampling technique according to the research sample criteria; each school was represented by 33 students who were determined using a simple random method, and data was collected by distributing questionnaires. Based on the analysis results, it is known that most participants use social media at night for 3-6 hours and the purpose of its use is to obtain information. WhatsApp was the most preferred by participants, and the duration of accessing social media among females was longer than males. It can be concluded that adolescents' use of social media must be appropriately managed with alternative approaches to prevent and deal with adolescent problems by collaborating with teachers, parents, and students. The use of social media must be adequately addressed through the formation of peer groups to create more discipline and responsible adolescence.