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Abstract : A riot control agent (RCA) is a substance that causes a physiological incapacitating effect when it comes into contact with the eyes, skin (mucosa), or when it is inhaled. The mechanism of action of this substance is by interacting with sensory nerve receptors at the site of contamination, resulting in localized pain and discomfort with associated reflexes. However, there are not many studies that can prove the safety of the active compounds and excipients used as RCA. The research aimed to carry out phytochemical tests and standardize the active ingredient of Capsaicin from chili (Capsicum annuum) from various regions in Indonesia as an active ingredient in riot control. The research included the determination of sample, preparation of chili crude drugs, extraction of samples, phytochemical screening, as well as characterization and standardization of extracts. The study was conducted using 10 samples. All extracts samples contain alkaloid compounds. Based on the moisture content, only samples 1 and 3 met the Indonesian Herbal Pharmacopoeia requirements. Based on the parameters of total ash content, all samples met the requirements of the Indonesian Herbal Pharmacopoeia. However, in terms of acid insoluble ash content, only samples 4 and 7 met the requirements of the Indonesian Herbal Pharmacopoeia. In determination of capsaicin content, it was found that sample No. 6 had the highest capsaicin content, namely 5.092 ± 0.028% (w/w). The results that have been carried out will be continued through further studies for sensitivity tests and toxicity tests of the active ingredients.