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Abstract : Nursing students carry out professional practices in different places and with different mentors. The purpose of this paper is to collect information about the thoughts and perceptions of nursing study program students regarding the most preferred and least preferred places to develop professional practice related to age, gender and year of study. Cross-sectional methods were used, following a quantitative approach. The following components were assessed during the study: nursing study program students' perceptions regarding the most preferred places of professional practice development considering how it is offered by mentors, and nursing study program students’ perceptions about places less preferred professional practice development, related to mentors. The persons who participated in this study were 141 students of the nursing study program of the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi". For this purpose, a focus group was used. The most preferred places by the students turn out to be the wards where the students collaborate with the nurses, are more accepted by them and can watch and practice different procedures. Some of the reasons why the emergency ward is the least preferred by some students, the answers they gave were that you were not allowed to apply any procedure, the ward nurses did not explain the procedures to you and there was a lack of communication with them.