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Abstract : Diabetes and or obesity have a genetic predisposition, but it is unlikely that genes can change drastically over a short time, thus, the incidence of increased incidence is more related to lifestyle factors than genetic factors. A combination of diet restriction and exercise is effective in preventing the onset and severity of diabetes and or obesity. Pandalungan community is unique because of acculturation from a traditional to a modern lifestyle, therefore, we were interested to investigate dietary patterns and physical activity (PA) as one of the lifestyle factors that may cause obesity and diabetes in this community. We analysed 1200 research subjects of healthy, obese, and or diabetic adults in the Pandalungan area, East Java, Indonesia. The research results are able to show or aid to filter which acculturation is good and which one should be rejected related to the risk of diabetes and or obesity in the Pandalungan community. Pandalungan culture had shown similar results on the variety of PA in adults with the most active domain being the household domain. Statistical analysis showed that there was no significant relationship between PA and blood glucose level (p>0.05) but when comparing dietary patterns, it showed that type of food and eating schedule related significantly. The household domain became a major PA probably because the Pandalungan culture comes with very solid family ties. Pandalungan people need to pay attention to their preference for food and their schedule of eating.