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Abstract : Our experience in safe extraction of foreign body oesophagus using Foley’s catheter. 26 patients were evaluated with suspected foreign body ingestion from period of March 2016 to September 2021.All patients were in the age group of 18months-9years, underwent removal of foreign body by Foley’s catheter blindly. Patients presenting with sharp object ingestion were excluded from the study. 22 patients had successful extraction of foreign body blindly. Foreign body couldn’t be extracted in 4 children. Out of 4 children, 2 had button battery at cricopharynx, one was lemon at mid –oesophagus presented after 5 days and one child was pebble which accidentally dislodged to stomach. Blunt foreign body is commonest opd emergency in ENT and Paediatric surgery department. These cases can easily managed as opd procedure without need of general anaesthesia. Use of Foley’s catheter can be done by all.