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Abstract : Fifteen from each of the study groups selected on the bases of simple random sampling were blood collected and sera saved. Total IgE assay was done to each serum in duplicate for each of the individuals forming these test groups using the ELISA IgE Kit. Minimum IgE concentrations for the BCG vaccine groups were found to be lower than that of the nonvaccine control group. This may be attributed to the presence of a tolerogenic epitope ensemble within the BCG antigenic structure. BCG vaccine groups were showing higher IgE concentration means than the control groups. A finding which can be attributed to the presence of atopic allergenic epitope in BCG structure The non-scar bearing BCG vaccinee was showing higher IgE concentration means than those of scar bearing BCG vaccinee. Though these higher mean values may be statistically non-significant. BCG scar fading may be due to the waning of responsible cytokine responses in scar formation as the time post-vaccination prolonged. BCG vaccination in childhood initiates variable degrees of IgE responses among vaccine.