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Abstract : The development of technology in all areas of life has effects on people's behavior patterns and habits. Which results in hypertension gaining increasing prevalence and resulting in various complications. This study aims to provide an overview of plasma MDA levels and antioxidant gene expression SOD1 and SOD2 in hypertension patients: This study is an analytical observational with a case-control research design approach in the Angke sub-district, Tambora district, West Jakarta. A total of 60 respondents participated in this study. The data studied included subject characteristics (age, sex, disease history, anthropometric data, body mass index, blood pressure), MDA levels and SOD antioxidant gene expression. The research instruments used were questionnaires and laboratory tests of fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, MDA levels, and antioxidant gene expression using PCR. Results: MDA levels in normotension patients were higher than in hypertension patients. SOD1 gene expression levels were relatively higher in normotension patients, with p <0.05. Conclusion: SOD1 gene expression differs in meaning between hypertension and normotension groups.