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Abstract : Stunting is still a global problem; Indonesia occupies the fifth position with the highest proportion in the province of NTB. The condition of failure to thrive is caused by malnutrition and repeated infections. One of the complementary interventions that have been proven effective in tackling stunting. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of Orah Bija Sasak (OBISA) infant massage on the growth and development of infants with poor nutritional status aged 6-11 months. The employed research design was quasi-experimental with the pretest-posttest control group design. A total of 54 respondents were divided into three groups of 18 each, consisting of group 1 (OBISA massage & PMT), grade 2 (modified OBISA massage & PMT), and grade 3 (PMT only). Each group was examined for growth with parameters of body weight and length, as well as development using the KPSP format before and after the action. The intervention was carried out for three months, while the data were analyzed using multivariate analysis. The results of the study showed significant differences in all groups, but the Kruskal Wallis analysis showed the highest differences in the modified OBISA group. This difference is possible because OBISA massage is modified using a culture that has been carried out by the community to make it easy to do, adding modifications to modern massage movements that focus on affection for the closeness of mother and baby. It can be concluded that modified OBISA massage effectively increases the growth and development of stunting infants with indicators of increasing BB/PB and KPSP. In order to see the objectivity of the research results, it is necessary to carry out further research using biomarker examination and cultural factor studies.