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Abstract : Preceptorship is a learning method that involves more experience in conveying knowledge to someone who is less experienced. In this article, the authors conduct a systematic review of relevant data using the keywords “preceptorship,” “clinical educator,” and experience.” Data based on SCOPUS, Science Direct, Proquest, Pubmed, and Google Scholar. The criteria consist of a full text published in a five-year limit journal (2016-2021) and using articles in English. As a result, 2517 articles were found, and 25 articles were selected that matched the criteria. The purpose of this study is to analyze factors that affect the implementation of preceptorship in the hospital and to give the recommendation of monitoring and evaluation preceptorship as well. Papers were critically reviewed and relevant data were extracted and synthesized using an approach based on preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA). These factors include education level, experience, support, clinical education, and competence.