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Abstract : Since the government established the Covid 19 Pandemic in April 2020, all health services are required to be able to provide services to Covid 19 patients. Nurses are at the forefront of dealing with Covid 19 patients. During the pandemic, Hospital X has a nursing risk management mitigation strategy to prevent risks. that can occur in the work safety of nurses. However, until the end of 2021 there was an increase in the incidence of nurses exposed to Covid 19 by 8% - 14%. Hospital X must continue to provide quality health services and focus on patient safety during the pandemic. This study aims to explore the pattern of the relationship between nurse work safety and nursing risk management with patient safety in the nursing analysis unit at Hospital X during the Covid-19 pandemic. Descriptive phenomenology qualitative research design. The number of participants involved in in-depth interviews was 17 nurses in the Covid 19 and non-Covid 19 zones. Data analysis used qualitative content analysis techniques with NVivo 12 plus software. The results of the study obtained that the actualization of the work safety culture of nurses during the covid 19 pandemic was running with the support of the leadership, hospital support, compliance with work safety culture, and understanding of nurses. The implementation of nursing risk management also goes with the compliance in work, the involvement of nurses and the prevention of the risk of health problems. The relationship pattern of nurse safety culture has a mutually influencing relationship with nursing risk management and directly affects patient safety. Thus, the hospital management and nursing leadership can continue to provide support that has an impact on the safety of nurses. IPCN and implementing nurses can maintain their role in increasing the knowledge and work compliance of nurses in patient safety efforts.