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Abstract : More than 450 distinct types of human papilloma virus recognized via recent molecular techniques. The low and high oncogenic risk-HPV genotypes have an association with a variety of benign and malignant tumors in the oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal localizations. This study aimed to determine the rate of DNA detection of HPV genotype 6/11 in non-oncologic nasopharyngeal and palatine tonsillar tissues from pediatric patients subjected to adeno-tonsillectomies. A total number of 64 tissue specimens enrolled; 44 non-oncologic nasopharyngeal and palatine hypertrophied tissue specimens from 22 pediatric patients sustained combined adeno-tonsillectomies and compared to 20 nasal trimmed tissues with unremarkable pathological changes (included as apparently healthy control tissues). Recent version of chromogenic in situ hybridization method used for HPV 6/11 DNA detection performed via DNA probes specified for HPV 6/11 low oncogenic - risk genotypes. Among a total 44 tissue specimens obtained from 22 pediatric patients who sustained surgical operations for combined non-oncologic nasopharyngeal and palatine tonsillar hypertrophies, 10 combined nasopharyngeal as well as palatine tonsillar hypertrophied tissues out of 22 combination of such tissues found to contain positive CISH reactions results for HPV 6 / 11 DNA, constituting 45.5% of the total screened tonsillar tissues. No positive– CISH reactions detected in the control tissues. Statistically, a significant difference showed when compared to the control apparently healthy nasal tissues. The significantly detected rates of these low- oncogenic HPV genotypes in both nasopharyngeal and palatine tonsillar hypertrophied tissues are pointing for a one important reservoir tissue site for such infection. In addition, indicating a herald mark for exploring the transmission and pathogenesis dilemma of such an important sexually transmitted infection among, at least, this group of pediatric Iraqi general population.