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Abstract : One of the unresolved problems in Indonesia is stunting, which in several regions has not shown a significant reduction, although it is undeniable that several regions have designed accelerated programs in terms of reducing stunting with broader targets. The results of what has been done have shown a decrease in the number of cases in these areas. The first year of research on developing a model of diet, parenting, and environmental sanitation in the North Toraja district is one of the programs aimed at pregnant women to prevent the birth of children with signs of stunting. This program will continue until the end of 2022 so that the program's effectiveness can be evaluated. This second-year research aims to develop a Northern dietary model, with the addition of complementary feeding interventions to pregnant women in the second trimester (2) which will later evaluate whether there is an effect on childbirth. Model revision of the results found in the first year, namely supplementary feeding has an impact on childbirth. The results of the study showed that: there was no effect of diet on the birth of children with signs of stunting (p = 0.327), there was no effect of parenting style on the birth of children with stunting (p = 0.493), and environmental sanitation did not affect signs of stunting in children with stunting. born (p=1.00). This shows that increasing nutrient intake predicts the cause of the birth of children with better conditions compared to the first-year research. It is hoped that the results of this program can be published in international journals as well as reference material for implementing community health achievements.