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Abstract : The Manggarai community adheres to a patrilineal system (following the father's lineage). Sida is a relative of the wife's origin, called anak rona, while anak wina is the receiving family of the wife. The sida culture is closely related to the life of the Manggarai tribe. In the culture of sida contained values that are full of meaning. In this case series, we discuss two cases of neurotic disorders that have a Sida cultural background in the Manggarai tribe. It is very important to identify the influence of culture on mental disorders so that they can provide a more comprehensive treatment. The first patient thought about the anxiety that was felt at times. The second patient felt anxious thinking about the headache. He felt that there was something in his head like a brain tumor. It was found that people with mental disorders in the United States had a worse prognosis than those in India. This is because in the United States, people with mental disorders experience a heavier stigma. Culture have multidimensional effect on mental health. Culture can be a supporting factor or an inhibiting factor in determining the prognosis of mental disorders.