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Abstract : Lipoprotein (a) [Lp[a]] is a particle containing apolipoprotein bind to LDL cholesterol. Lp(a) encoded by LPA gene. Independent from LDL-C level, raised Lpa level by genetic studies shows increasing risk of cardiovascular disease. Prior study shows most of patient with LDL-C controlled by statin still have raised Lp(a) level. Current therapy to lowering LDL-C, could not achieve expected lowered Lp(a) level. Genetic therapy as a novel treatment for lowering Lp(a) is still under investigation. We review several study about Lp(a) correlation with LDL-C, coronary disease, and novel treatment. Most of genetic therapy give promising effect although still under early clinical trial. Prior lipid lowering treatment did not achieve as high as genetic therapy to lowering Lp(a) level.