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Abstract : Acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) is a global health problem. Globally, the incidence found in 10.5 per 100.000. In a study in India, the most common age for AES cases was 1 to 7 years. Children with AES have a tendency to experience bad outcomes both disability and even death. In AES, diffuse brain edema occurs which causes disturbance of consciousness. The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is the instrument of choice for assessing a person's level of consciousness and is widely associated with children's outcomes with AES especially in health care center with limited resources. This cross-sectional study, subjects were children treated with AES that were treated in Sanglah hospital in January 2018 to December 2019. Chi-square test was performed to assess categorical data. Followed by logistic regression multivariate analysis with backward method. A total of 142 subjects were analysed for their GCS score and the outcomes in this study. The results of multivariate analysis showed GCS values were associated with outcomes of children with AES [OR = 2.756, 95% CI 1.201 to 6.323, P 0.017]. Seizure status have a statistically significant relationship with the outcomes of children with AES [OR = 0.332, 95% CI 0.142 to 0.773, P 0.011]. Low GCS score is a risk factor of death in children with AES.