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Abstract : This study aims to know the risk factors for coronary artery patients, and in this study, 110 patients and 50 control groups were collected; where geographical information and data were collected from different hospitals in Iraq, and the statistical analysis program was used to find out the distribution of patients and the real value. The design of this study was based on a questionnaire distributed to patients consisting of interviews, questionnaires, observations, and tests Data and demographic information were also analysed using the statistical analysis program IBM SOFT SPSS 18, and Microsoft Excel 2013 was used to draw figures. The results that were found in this study, through which to know the factors that affect coronary artery patients, are age, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, diabetes, smoking, obesity. Through the logistic analysis, the most dangerous factors for patients were identified, which were (Age 2.25(1.8-2.8) with p value 0.001), Diabetes for CS 95% - rf 3.1(2.87-5.3) p value 0.0008, hyperlipidemia for CS 95% rf 2.55(1.9-3.3) p value 0.0022.