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Abstract : The act of giving birth to a child is called labour. After the anticipated period of doubt, worry, and anxiety, it is the most delightful time in a woman's life. Therefore, ongoing surveillance is crucial. It is crucial for doctors and nurses to comprehend and interpret partograph, which is a pictorial technique of tracking the progress of labour. The goal is to evaluate the partograph knowledge amongst staff nurses. In this descriptive study, 70 staff nurses from SVS Hospital in Mahabubnagar, Telangana, who were chosen using purposive sampling, participated. Utilizing a knowledge questionnaire and expressed practises on a partograph, the data was gathered. With the help of descriptive and inferential statistics, the gathered data was examined. Staff nurses had strong understanding of Partograph in 72% of cases, and average knowledge in 21.0% of cases and 7% with poor knowledge. The investigation came to the conclusion that staff nurses had sufficient knowledge of partograph. Therefore, it is strongly advised to plan in-service education to improve partograph understanding and practise.