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Abstract : COVID-19 is incoming β-coronavirus emerged from Wu-han, a city in central east of China in end of 2019. SARS-CoV-2 is the agent that causes the COVID-19 pandemic which is a highly transmittable and pathogenic virus infection. This paper is performed to determine the knowledge and awareness of COVID-19 among Iraqi population via cross-sectional study was conducted in Iraq during the period from April 2020 to May 2021 via social media targeted all the Iraqi population starting from age 11 years. This study included 303 participants which involved 117 men and 186 women. The participants were divided into five groups depending on the age: group I includes 11-20 year, group II includes 21-30 year, group III includes 31-40 year, group VI includes 41-50 year and group V includes more than 50 year old. Data which was collected using questionnaire were statistically analysis. The present study shows 99.01% of participants were aware that avoiding overcrowded places, wearing face mask, washing hands with soap and using sterilizer would protect them from COVID-19 infection. 95.05% of participants agreed that coronavirus disease is an extremely pathogenic and transmissible viral infection. The current study show that 91.09% and 91.42% participants believed that the incubation period of COVID-19 ranging from 2-14 days and the quarantine period should extend to 21 days respectively. The people older than 50 years had limited information about this pandemic. This study shows a satisfactory level of COVID-19 knowledge among Iraqi population. However, it mirrors the need for educational programs targeting the age groups which are not using significantly the social media.