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Abstract : The hospital is one of the places where nurses and patients interact, which requires comfort in the interaction, so a new strategy is needed, through increasing patient satisfaction, the number of hospitals that exist makes it difficult to expanded. Good nurse performance can increase patient satisfaction, which makes it the key to expanding, while the nurse's own performance is influenced by various factors within the nurse. The purpose of this study was to find a key strategy to expand the hospital's through exploration of patient nurse mediation. An analytical correlation study with a cross-sectional design using a random sampling technique with a total sample of 134 respondents was conducted. Somers'd test, lamda test and the ordinal logistic regression test were used in the model description and data analysis. Nurse education has a significant influence on the four factors of nursing and the age of nurses does not have a significant effect on the four factors of nursing, then it shows that the four factors of nursing have a significant influence on patient satisfaction, with the value of nurses' knowledge (p value 0.002; r value 0,525; OR 1,9), and the value of nurses' personality (p value 0.000; value r 0,676; OR 24,7), the value of nurse competency (p value 0.000; r value 0,573; OR 22,8), and the value of the nurse's personality variable (p value 0.000; r value 0,543; OR 3,7).The key strategy to expand the hospital is to increase the four nurse factor indicators (knowledge, attitude, competence, and personality of nurses), which are proven to have a significant effect on increasing patient satisfaction.