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Abstract : The Covid-19 pandemic caused a downturn in the industrial sectors in Indonesia, including the construction sector, forcing all stakeholders to work together to stop the spread of the pandemic while maintaining business continuity amid Indonesia's massive infrastructure development. The pandemic has also limited monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of OHS procedures in construction projects due to pandemic-related limitations. Therefore, digital technology should be enforced to support accurate OHS reporting effectively, efficiently, and in real-time. This study focuses on using IT and the conformity of RCA implementation in monitoring and evaluating OHS implementation in construction sites. This study used a survey to collect responses from a sample of the person in charge of OHS implementation at a major Indonesian construction company, PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. The data were then analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical methods: linearity, regression, and correlation tests between variables. The results show that the current RCA implementation has yet to represent the actual circumstances in the sites and that online monthly reporting is linked to IT usage through the online RCA platform. Through this study, the reporting of OHS implementation using information technology can be improved to improve the quality of OHS implementation itself.