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Abstract : Retinal ganglion cells (RGC) are the most commonly affected cell type in optic neuropathies following acute high IOP injury that induced cell death mechanism, such as apoptosis. Resveratrol is a potential antioxidant against various ocular disease, as well as its anti-inflammatory, anti-angiogenic, and anti-apoptotic effects. In this in vivo study, 20 healthy adult male Rattus Norvegicus were separated into 4 groups and given intervention retinal ischemic reperfusion injury (I/R) by increasing intraocular pressure to 110 mmHg for 60 minutes. Resveratrol (RSV) 100μM was injected intravitreally in the IR+RSV group thus enucleated in 7th day. Enucleated eye were immunohistochemically examined for Bax and Caspase-3 expression. Bax and Caspase-3 level was significantly increased between control group and treatment group (IR7+PBS, IR7+RSV) (P <0.01 and P<0.05); and between intervention group IR0 and IR7+PBS (P<0.01). There was also significant decrease between IR7+PBS and IR7+RSV (P<0.05). This study concluded that Resveratrol intravitreal helps to prevent progressivity of retinal ganglion cell loss by decreasing Bax and Caspase-3 expression after ischemic reperfusion injury in the animal model.