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Abstract : One of the problems in controlling tuberculosis is the delay in diagnosis, this is at risk of increasing the possibility of transmission in the household and community. Early detection through home visits is an effective method for detecting new cases of tuberculosis by empowering Community Health Workers (CHWs). This study aims to analyze the relationship between home visits with detection of new cases tuberculosis among household contacts by CHWs. The design of this study was cross-sectional descriptive survey, using a quantitative approach, carried out from July to September 2021 at 26 Public Health Centers in Samarinda. The research sample were 304 CHWs using purposive sampling. Bivariate analysis test using chi square showed a significant relationship between home visits and detection of new cases of tuberculosis in household contacts (p-value = 0.000) and OR = 3.685 (95% CI). Early detection by CHWs through home visits is very effective in finding new cases tuberculosis of household contacts. It is necessary to increase CHWs participation, improve coordination among CHWs and Health Center Personnel, certified training and adequate facilities.