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Abstract : Intensive care unit nursing is an occupation that involves specialized knowledge and abilities applicable to a range working in the intensive care units which may effected by nurses perception. To assess the impact of pulmonary care educational program on nurse's perception related to COVID 19 patients. A quasi-experimental design selected as suitable method to evaluate the impact of pulmonary care educational program on nurses perception related to COVID 19 patients during the period of 3ed January 2022 to 26th February-2022. The study conducted at the critical care units which distributed at Al-Hillah Teaching Hospitals. Non-probability (purposive) sample methods selected, the original sample were divided to two groups, the first one is control group consist of (30) nurses, while the remaining number (32) assigned as interventional group member. Most of participants in both groups 15 (48.4%), 15 (50%) were between (24-26) years age group, 19 (61.3%), 15 (50%) were male, 16 (51.6%) were diploma degree in interventional group, while 20 (66.7%) were bachelor degree in the control group, simple significant change is presented in the following two Post-test (3.65 ± 0.423), (3.73 ± 0.564) with agree assessment for interventional group about nurse's perception from coronavirus disease 19. Significant changing related to perception in interventional group between pretest, posttest 1 and posttest 2 with agree assessment. While there is no change in mean of score among control group.