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Abstract : This study aims to investigate the effect of the leadership skill training module on motivation score of the nurses. Leadership skill does give a big impact on staff working motivation. Each leader should receive leadership skill training to ensure that they have good skill in managing their staff. Methods that had being used in this study is a cross-sectional- interventional study, 96 nurse managers and 400 nurses were selected from two teaching hospitals in Malaysia (2018-2019). Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics in SPSS 24. The results shown that the statistical analysis of the median of the nurses’ motivation scores after the leadership skill training module has no significance (P=0.001). In conclusion, the results showed that nurses were not impressed with the leadership styles used by their managers. There was no change in the leadership style of the nurse manager despite being given training on leadership skills. Leadership skill training should give an implication for nursing management. A leadership skill training module, should being used to improve the nurses’ leader’s skill in managing their nurses. By improving the relationship between leaders and nursing staff, it will indirectly enhance the working motivation among them. Studies related to this area should be conducted more as it helps to improve knowledge to ensure the development of nursing leaders.