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Abstract : The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted changes in hospital health services at Dr Kariadi in patients with malignancy and suspected malignancy both in the diagnostic process, surgery and in routine procedures such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and palliative. This change was influenced by government policies such as lockdowns, patient fear of transmission of COVID-19, and limitations on facilities, infrastructure, and medical personnel. The duration of the delay in health services impacts patient outcomes. Assess the impact of delaying services for patients suspected of malignancy or malignancy infected with COVID-19. This research was conducted using observational and cross-sectional study methods. Secondary data was taken from medical records of patients with suspected malignancy and malignancy infected with COVID-19 obtained from January 2020 to August 2021. Data were analyzed using binary logistic regression. 157 patients with suspicion of malignancy and malignancy in January 2020 - August 2021 at dr. Kariadi Semarang consists of 86 male patients and 71 female patients with an average age of 49 years. The analysis showed that delaying treatment and duration affected the patient's outcome status (p <0.05).