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Abstract : Digital health has become an increasingly salient point in today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape. At the same time, the Internet is democratising information related to healthcare, as a quick search about simple healthcare conditions will yield hundreds of thousands of healthcare-related search results. UMS University Hospital (HUMS) was established and is poised to become the first Smart Hospital in the State of Sabah. As part of the overall branding and implementation of HUMS as a smart hospital, an app was conceptualized called OHIDAS (“health” or “wellness” in the local Kadazan language). OHIDAS is a mobile application that will serve two major objectives namely promoting healthy lifestyle practices among the community and advocating for health screening prior to illness to maintain health and well-being in our communities and prevent illness caused through NCDs. There are four stages of OHIDAS; health promotion and primary prevention, telemedicine, capturing of patients’ bioinformatics, and full integration of clinical care with mobile application. OHIDAS has been integrated with the Portable Health Clinic of Kyushu University and a proprietary telemedicine system established by HUMS, which were both developed and expedited in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. In conclusion, OHIDAS will help to reinforce HUMS’s corporate identity through HUMS’s core values of “compassionate” and “empowering”. OHIDAS has the potential to become a highly effective tool for health promotion and primary prevention.