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Abstract : Gastric cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, unfortunately most patients present late. Recently, Trastuzumab was approved for of Her2-positive gastric cancer metastatic carcinomas. Unfortunately, data on the frequency of HER2-positive cases and clinicopathologic correlation among Iraqi patients are restricted. Histological slides from 47 metastatic gastric adenocarcinoma were collected from patient who attended oncology teaching hospital. IHC was done for HER2 on whole-tissue sections from each tumor. In order to determine statistically significant relationships, the HER2 status was compared with clinicopathological characteristics. IHC the analysis revealed that 5/47 cases (10.5 %) HER2 positive were (3+). The HER2 status showed no significant association with age, gender and smoking history (p=0.56, 0.34, 0, 64) respectively. The HER2 status showed no significant association with histopathological type and grade (p=0.05 and p=0.24) respectively.33.3% of tumor located in body had positive HER2 amplification. The rate of HER2 positivity in metastatic gastric carcinomas was (about 10.5%). There's no statistically significant relation between positive Her2 expression and clinicopathologic parameters.