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Abstract : Air pollution is a very complicated problem because it involves matters relating to physical characteristics, sources of pollutant emissions. The purpose of the study was to analyze the level of health risk (Risk Quotient), due to PM2.5 particulate ambient air on Jalan A. P. Pettarani. Including, duration of exposure, frequency of exposure, and duration of PM2.5 exposure at the AP road congestion node. Pettarani. The target population in this study were street vendors along Jalan A. P. Pettarani, the number of samples was 48 traders. The results obtained, the maximum concentration of 2,458 – 3,409 mg/m3. The duration of exposure (tE) varied between 12.53 – 16.60 hours/day, the frequency of exposure (FE) ranged from 187.06 - 260 days/hour, and the duration of exposure (Dt) 11.57 years – 16.08 years. Inhalation rate 0.61 – 0.64 m3/hour, PM2.5 intake obtained between 0.061 – 0.972 mg/kg/day with a range of 5 – 30 years. Risk level (RQ) 3.389 – 53,979 with forced lung vital capacity 77.08% abnormal, 22.92% normal. The concentration of PM2.5 exceeds the threshold, which is very risky for traders, this is obtained from the examination of vital lung capacity which is more abnormal.